We have worked for seven of the top 10 law firms in Minneapolis as well as numerous mid and small size law firms. We have been engaged by multinational companies with billions in revenue and by many privately held companies. Below are brief case studies of our work:

  • A nationally operated public company was notified by its auditor of concerns about executive expense accounts. A review of the expenses for a four-year period uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper personal expenses. The executive left the company and an SEC and federal law enforcement investigation followed in which we assisted the company.
  • A county probate court retained us to perform a financial review of a professional conservatorship organization. As a result, we identified financial issues. More importantly, we identified an opportunity for the paper based financial reporting system to be replaced by a much more effective and efficient web based system. At the court's request, we developed a white paper with a design for the web based reporting system that the court is currently implementing. This has attracted national attention and the judge recently spoke at a national American Bar Association and AARP sponsored symposium about the web based reporting system.
  • We performed a forensic review at a multinational company of expense reports of selected individuals. We identified numerous irregularities and reviewed the expense reporting and auditing system to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • A private equity firm retained us to investigate why an acquired company was not achieving the anticipated financial results. This included reviewing the prior financials for any possible misstatements as well as current operations and accounting.