WayPoint chose the lighthouse to be our symbol. For hundreds of years, the lighthouse beacon served as waypoints for both navigators and those lost at sea. Countless ships and lives were saved thanks to the lighthouses. They serve to warn the sailor of dangerous reefs beneath the sea or perilous rocky coasts on land, and as waypoints to guide ships into a safe harbor or back out to sea. Every lighthouse tells the mariner, "This is exactly where you are."

WayPoint is the largest firm of its kind in the Midwest and offers broader expertise and experience than other investigative firms. In fact, we have designed and conducted trainings taken by and touted by our competitors. You get our senior-level experience on every case. The team you meet does the work.

WayPoint’s team of former FBI and IRS agents now includes former investigators from the Environmental Protection Agency and local law enforcement. We have also gained extensive financial and business expertise while working in businesses, including one of the nation’s largest accounting and consulting firms, Deloitte & Touche, and 3M, a Fortune 500 company. Meet the Members of Our Team.