Our clients include organizations of all sizes, from midsize local business to the largest multinationals. We’ve handled the most significant white-collar crime cases. Recent high-profile cases include: health care fraud, mortgage fraud, vendor fraud, shareholder dispute, extortion, life insurance fraud, wage and hour investigations, STOLI, infusion fraud, Ponzi schemes, check and mortgage kiting, conflicts of interest investigation, intellectual property matters, and risk assessment.

While many of our clients are high profile, we’ve deliberately cultivated a low profile. Some clients may be newsmakers, but they trust they’ll never read about our role in the newspaper. We always work confidentially. We always work with discretion.

WayPoint has handled complex civil and criminal tax matters. When you have a problem, our former IRS personnel can help you resolve the issue. We have successfully negotiated tax and penalty reductions resulting in substantial savings. Areas of practice include:

  • Civil tax litigation support
  • Criminal tax litigation support
  • Expert and summary witness testimony
  • Abusive tax shelter analysis
  • Partnership tax law issues
  • Individual tax law issues