The WayPoint leadership team handles problems professionally, thoroughly and ethically. Whatever the challenge, we bring our business understanding and in-depth knowledge of complex investigations and business risks to everything we do.

Since joining Waypoint, Lesley has conducted numerous in-depth investigations on individuals and corporate entities. Lesley focuses her efforts on enhanced due diligence inquiries that go beyond aggregate databases to provide WayPoint clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. She continues to be a leader in the constantly changing landscape of social media research and has developed a collection of tools to obtain, manage, and preserve sensitive data.

Lesley has conducted and assisted in matters involving workplace disputes, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, vendor fraud, Ponzi schemes, asset location, shareholder and trust/estate disputes. She conducts worldwide due diligence inquiries and background investigations into individual and company past performance, reputation, and litigation history.

Prior to joining WayPoint, Lesley worked in corporate and legal finance for 12 years. She has worked for companies from five to 10,000 employees and is well-versed in all aspects of corporate accounting and procedure. Lesley has direct experience developing and integrating time and billing systems, writing procedures, integrating new markets, and writing SOX best practices. While working in corporate accounting for a Fortune 500 company, she managed an online expense-reporting tool for 600 multinational employees.

During her career, she has served as a beta tester in multiple financial system installs and upgrades, including Elite and Oracle Financials among other accounting platforms. She has also worked with accounting departments to meet audit guidelines and establish segregation of duties and internal controls. She received her bachelor’s degree in business management with an emphasis in accounting from Augsburg College and is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Lesley is certified as a Social Media Intelligence Analyst.